Data Virtualization

Turn fragmented data into actionable information at business speed

Red Hat® JBoss® Data Virtualization is a lean, virtual data integration solution that unlocks trapped data and delivers it as easily consumable, unified, and actionable information. JBoss Data Virtualization makes data spread across physically diverse systems—such as multiple databases, XML files, and Hadoop systems—appear as a set of tables in a local database.



Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization is a comprehensive platform that enables agile data utilization.

  • Connect: Access data from multiple heterogeneous data sources with different query methods and storage models.
  • Compose: Easily create unified, reusable, business friendly virtual data models and views by combining and transforming data from multiple sources.
  • Consume: Unified data is available on demand for consumption by external applications through open standards interfaces.

JBoss Data Virtualization implements these steps internally, hiding complexities like the true locations of data or the mechanisms required to access or merge it. Data becomes easier for developers and users to work with.


JBoss Data Virtualization enables users to acquire actionable, unified information when they want, the way they want, and at the speed their businesses need. Combined with ease of development, JBoss Data Virtualization supports a range of IT projects and initiatives.

  • Self-service business intelligence (BI): The virtual, reusable data model provides a business-friendly representation of data and allows the user to interact with that data without having to know the complexities of the database. Multiple BI tools can be used to acquire data from centralized data layer.
  • A unified, 360° view: Gain a complete view of master and transactional data in real time. The virtual data layer serves as a unified, enterprise-wide view of business information that improves users’ ability to understand and use enterprise data.
  • Agile SOA data services: A data virtualization layer delivers the data services layer to service-oriented architecture (SOA) applications. Data virtualization speeds the creation of data services that encapsulate the data access logic and allows multiple business services to acquire data from a centralized data layer.
  • Data firewall and information security: Reverse proxy access to data keeps physical data sources anonymous and prevents unnecessary exposure. Improve your data quality via centralized access control, robust security infrastructure, and a reduction in physical copies of data, reducing risk. The metadata repository catalogs enterprise data locations and the relationships between the data in various data stores, enabling transparency and visibility.
  • Big data and cloud data integration: Data virtualization provides a rapid virtual integration approach that doesn’t require replication of already "big" data sources. Many organizations are adopting cloud computing that requires each new cloud source to be integrated with the existing IT environment. Data virtualization solves this problem, allowing enterprises to maintain a complete view of internal and external information while taking advantage of attractive cloud economics.

Maximize return on assets (ROA)

Unlock the full potential of all your existing and new data assets and gain critical business insights by making all data easily consumable by people who need it.

  • Improve utilization of data assets.
  • Derive more value from existing hardware and storage investments.
  • Complement existing integration technologies like SOA, enterprise application integration (EAI), and extract, transform, and load (ETL).

Boost agility and respond faster to change

Robust design and development environments let you respond faster to change and improve your staff’s efficiency. Your data virtualization projects are completed faster, so benefits are realized sooner.

  • Better and faster than hand-coding and physical copying and moving of data

  • Faster, less costly than batch data movement

  • Optimized development and maintenance with loose coupling

Improve employee productivity and faster time to value

Description: JBoss Data Virtualization gives your organization the unified information it needs to increase revenue and reduce costs by:

  • Delivering data in the right form, at the right time, to the right people.

  • Providing decision support and greatly enhancing the value of business intelligence (BI) with a complete view of the information you need.

  • Allowing the mixing of on-premise data with cloud data, and real-time operational data with historical information.

Improved information control and compliance

Data virtualization layers deliver data firewall functionality. JBoss Data Virtualization improves data quality with:

  • Centralized data authentication, access control, and policy enforcement.

  • Robust security infrastructure and auditing.

  • Reduced risk with fewer physical copies of data.

The metadata repository catalogs enterprise data locations and the relationships between the data in various data stores, enabling transparency and visibility.


Red Hat JBoss Operations Network

Full management and control

For enterprise-wide management, add Red Hat JBoss Operations Network to control, administer, and proactively manage all of your development testing and deployment environments.

JBoss Operations Network gives IT operations a single, centralized, easy-to-use graphical management and administration tool for all types of Java™ application workloads.

  • Inventory resources from the operating system to applications and services.

  • Control and audit your enterprise service bus (ESB), application, and service configurations to standardize deployments.

  • Manage, monitor, and tune your applications and services for improved visibility, performance, and availability.

  • Coordinate the many stages of an application’s life cycle.

  • Improve operational efficiency and reliability.

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JBoss Data Virtualization Consulting Services

Accessing timely, actionable information lets you make smart decisions quickly in response to change. With Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization, Red Hat Consulting helps you manage your information efficiently.

From solution design and data modeling to transformations and integration, Red Hat Consulting offers a number of custom solutions to ensure you’re getting the most from your data and your Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization deployment.

  • Full build: We design, implement, and tune an end-to-end solution for your environment.

  • Enhancements: We implement a custom translator to support new data sources.

  • Health check: We examine your current data virtualization environment, tune your current system, and provide recommendations for short- and long-term improvement.

  • Migration: We quickly and efficiently move your current infrastructure to Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization.

  • Architecture workshop: We work with your architects and integration designers to define your data virtualization solution architecture, document that design, and establish best practices.

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