FAQ sur l'assurance Open Source

Des questions sur le programme d'assurance Open Source ? Consultez notre FAQ.


How does a customer sign up for Red Hat's Open Source Assurance program?

A customer can sign up for the Open Source Assurance program by activating their Red Hat subscriptions (if they have not done so already), logging in to their Red Hat Network account, and accepting the terms of the optional Open Source Assurance Agreement.

Who is covered under the Open Source Assurance program?

All customers with valid Red Hat subscriptions are eligible for the Open Source Assurance program during the term of the subscription. This includes customers who have purchased subscriptions in direct agreements with Red Hat or through Red Hat channel partners.

How does the Open Source Assurance program protect customers?

The Open Source Assurance program is designed to allow customers to continue to use their chosen open source solution without interruption. The terms of the program include (i) replacing the infringing portion of the software, (ii) modifying the software so that its use becomes non-infringing, or (iii) obtaining the rights necessary for a customer to continue use of the software.

In addition, Red Hat will defend a customer (that is, hire and pay for a lawyer) in the event of an intellectual property lawsuit and will pay damages that result from a judgment or settlement against the customer. The specific terms and obligations of the Open Source Assurance program are contained in the Open Source Assurance Agreement that is available to Red Hat customers via Red Hat Network.

What is the Open Source Assurance program?

Open Source Assurance is a Red Hat® program designed to protect customers developing and deploying open source solutions. The program includes assurances for customers purchasing subscriptions to Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, JBoss® Enterprise Middleware, and other Red Hat-branded subscription products.