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Re: [OS:N:]needing help for linux demo

Hi Kyle, I am catching up with the lists. How are things going on this? 
Are there specific needs you need for the system?

What is the accelerated reader? If it is a windows program, you will 
probably need to have wine installed. It comes installed with 7.2, and I 
have had the best luck keeping Windwos on the box so that you can 
supplement WINE libraries with native Windows ones.

I am not sure the SX is going to be good enough for that as it will need
a math coprocessor for some things.

And did the ip-masq box work? Did you have any problems?

On 8 Nov 2001, kyle wrote:

>	Hello everyone.  I've been working on a linux ip masq box to save IP
>addresses, and getting ready to start putting linux on a computer in a
>classroom that doesn't have anything important on it.  Our district's
>main computer engineer told me that a university nearby has offered us
>50 nice computers.  All we have to do is come up with funds for
>OSes...hmm...Win9x is outdated, Win2k is expensive, and we would have to
>come up with 50 licenses without a education discount because we are
>being audited by M$.  (Thankfully we are turning out to have licenses
>for everything.)  Hmm...how could we get around this problem? I'm
>thinking of a 5 letter word...
>	So, I mention that 5 letter word to the engineer.  A few days later
>tells me that she has thought about it, and wants _me_ to make a
>presentation to the various adminstrators.  I get to put it on an old
>486/SX 33mhz, but that's not too bad.  Hopefully after this I can get
>linux put on some fast computers.  Anyway, the _must have_ things is
>accelerated reader.  I believe I have seen that mentioned on here, but I
>haven't been able to find it.  If someone can give a link and info it
>would be greatly appreciated.  This is getting to be pretty exciting.
>There are enough computer literate people that hate windows, but they
>stick with it because thats all they know.  A little experience could
>get people using linux, and who knows what sort of GNU programmers they
>could become, among other things.  I've even gotten the engineer to
>borrow Running Linux.  It would be great if we could expunge even half
>of the Windows virus from my school.
>	Thanks
>	Kyle
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